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The best Apple product ever

May 3, 2017





Apple AirPods have gone from a punchline to Apple's most beloved product ever.

Creative Strategies today released an analysis of the customer satisfaction of people who have bought the wireless earbuds sometimes compared to the top of electric toothbrushes and found the AirPods have set a record for the highest satisfaction level for a new Apple product.


When the iPhone, Apple's biggest product, came out in 2007 it scored a 92 per cent satisfaction rate.

When the iPad came out in 2010, it scored 92 per cent. And when the Apple Watch came out in 2015, it scored a 97 per cent on customer satisfaction.


But the AirPods have scored a 98 per cent customer satisfaction, with 82 per cent of the nearly 1000 AirPod wearers surveyed saying they were very satisfied.


The survey also looked at the Net Promoter Score, a figure which ranks a customer's willingness to recommend a product. 


The AirPods scored 75, which again makes them a more popular product than the iPhone.
One of the biggest criticisms many people had with the AirPod when Apple announced them in September last year was that they would pop out of your ears.


But that complaint seems to be disproved by the customer survey, which found 93 per cent of people who wore the AirPods said they were a secure fit.


When asked to explain why they loved their AirPods so much, the most frequently used words included "magic", "love", "fit", "sound quality" and "convenient".


Apple eased one of the biggest grips with AirPods in a recent software update, making them easier to find around the house by adding them to Find iPhone so that you can make them beep when they're not in your ear.


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