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About Us

In 1989, with personal computing still in its infancy, Seema and Suman Modgill began importing PCs and Macs and other hardware in order to supply early adopters of technology in Taranaki. 


As the region went digital, Proformac Technologies grew with it as computers found their way into almost every household and workplace.  


We still have clients from those early days and it’s this focus on the people we serve that keeps us passionate and driven to provide the absolute best IT service and repair to Taranaki—and all at affordable rates.  


We repair everything from PCs to iPhones and from desktop Macs to Beats headphones. We also provide businesses with comprehensive, proactive IT support.  


Our technicians are qualified and certified and 100% focused on making sure your tech is working for you.  


Come in for a chat to 127 Gill Street and let’s get your tech sorted! 

Our Team

Matthew Jury-Thompson

Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 5_edited.png

Support Tech - Networking Lead

Matthew is our networking lead technician. Matthew is Cisco certified and very experienced in all things networking. Other than this, he has a true passion for tech.  He has kitted out his home with all new smart home features and will be able to tell you everything about the tech sector.  Other than work, Matt  keeps busy by finding new ways to utilize technology while staying well-informed about its latest developments.

Campbell Insley


Support Tech

Campbell has had an interest in IT and has always tinkered around with the internal workings of computers from a young age. He has managed to turn this passion into a career and hasn't stopped moving forward since then.  Now Campbell is our resident specialist in all fasects of the IT sector. Other than work, he loves music of all kinds and getting in some exercise along the walkway.

Simon Singh

Simon Singh


Simon is an Apple and Microsoft certified professional. He is a strategist with extensive IT implementation experience – helping clients anticipate the impact that new and emerging technologies may have on their business in the future, and getting there from the realities of today. As a Director, Simon is responsible for helping to define the vision for Proformac, identifying and communicating technology trends affecting clients’ businesses, and shaping the strategy for Proformac’s emerging services and offerings.

Suman Modgill

Suman Modgill


Suman has been involved in I.T for over 25 years. He is a NPBHS old boy, qualified in Business from Massey University and is an Apple Certified Professional. Suman setup Proformac with his wife, Seema, in 1991. Prior to that he worked at Synfuels now Methanex in Management Information Systems. Suman has always had a deep appreciation of technology and how it’s implementation can help businesses improve their work flow and efficiency. Suman will be assisting with business strategy and marketing for Proformac.

Jonathan Rozencwajg


Support Tech - Apple Lead

Jonathan is our Apple specialist.  He is fully qualified in all things Apple and will be your main point of contact for understanding Apple tech or getting it fixed. Apart from work, Jonathan has a passion for all things IT and video games.  

Sachin Modgill


General Manager

Sachin is a qualified lawyer with a Masters in Taxation law and has 10 years of experience in that industry. He is now adding technology and education to his  skill set and is now also a Certified Apple Professional and Adult Educator. He also has experience in management and operations and is currently the Chief Operations Officer at Learner Me. He likes keeping fit, playing golf and enjoys his coffee.

Seema Modgill

Seema Modgill


Seema Modgill arrived in NZ in 1988 from UK, She worked at STOS in tech support until she started working with Suman to grow Proformac. She is a graduate from London university and fluently speaks 5 languages including German and French. She loves yoga, keeping fit and bringing a smile to everyone who walks in the door.

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