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Protect yourself with:



Windows based computers require a more advanced solution for protection, otherwise they are left vulnerable to all sorts of cyber-attacks and privacy breaches.  To avoid the loss of your valuable data and to ensure your PC keeps running smoothly, it is important to have a reliable anti virus solution on your machine.

Why Proactive?

Unlike other anti virus solutions, Proactive is cloud based.  Meaning it uses less of your PC's resources and will keep working in the background to protect your PC against any vulnerabilities

Like many others, you too can take advantage of our globally licensed anti-virus solution:



Is your desktop, laptop, printer or tablet not working as it should?  Have a feeling there could be something seriously wrong with it?  Bring it in to Proformac and we can help. 


System Clean Up

Feel your system is not working as it should and haven't had it looked at for a while?  Bring it in to and we can do a WOF and spring clean.

081-remote assistance.png

Data Migration

Need help transferring your data from an old device to a new device?  Not to worry, bring it in to Proformac and we can help.


Smart Home Set Up

Have you bought some exciting smart light bulbs or want to smartify your home?  Give us a call at Proformac and we can help get all of this set up for you. 


Insurance Assessment

Accidentally split something on your laptop?  Or been in a rush and had your tech slip from your hands only to fall to it's unfortunate end?  Not to worry, bring it to Proformac and we can do an insurance assessment for you and get it repaired. 

014-hard disk drive.png

Storage Upgrade

Running out of space on your computer?  Feel your old hard-drive is running a bit slow or sounding funny?   Bring it in to Proformac and we can upgrade your hard-drive to an Solid State Drive ("SSD") for more space and better performance. 


Internet or Email Set Up

Need help getting connected to the world?  Internet not working properly or emails constantly causing your problems?  Give us a call at Proformac and we can help you get your internet or emails working well for you.

068-technical Support.png

Remote Support

Need help on computer, but cannot bring it in for support?  Feel free to call us and we can remotely login to help get your issues sorted.

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